Metosphere 0.43

Exchange information about your current location


  • Innovative idea
  • Quickly garner lots of information about a particular place
  • Pretty addictive


  • Interface is a little rough around the edges

Very good

One of the great things about the Android platform is its tight integration with Google Maps, and there are an abundance of apps that take advantage of this.

Metosphere is a travel companion designed to give you info about what's going on in the immediate vicinity wherever you are in the World. The idea is that you can create and view 'virtual objects' in the area around you, based on your position. For instance, you can produce or explore messages, emergency alerts, news, events, reviews and games that are going on in the area around you.

Say, for instance you've just enjoyed a particularly good meal in a restaurant. You can leave a message on Metosphere and tag it to the map, so that anyone nearby will be able to read your recommendation.

The Metosphere interface is generally straightforward, although some of the dragging and dropping controls are a little fiddly. The development of the app is still in its early stages though, so hopefully these problems will have been ironed out by the final release.

Metosphere is a very interesting project which, once it's developed a bit, should make your life a lot easier.



Metosphere 0.43

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